OUR PHILOSOPHY IS PRETTY SIMPLE: We treat our clients as we wish to be treated

Our Mission, Vision, and Values

When we came together to form Saint Francis Capital, we really wanted to be different from every other cookie-cutter advisory firm. There are many ways to do that—and we did them all. The first way is actually easy to do—at least it is compared to everything else we do: we created something completely new.

Saint Francis Capital

We’ve done that with our evidence and rules-based portfolio construction and active management

We don’t rely upon any Wall Street-based (or Wall Street-biased) research: our research and data come from independent organizations without ties to the Wall Street machine. We then use this data in our proprietary screening programs to help us identify those holdings we think will add the most value to your portfolio. Then we wait until we can buy them at the right price.

Of course, there’s another side to this coin: the sell-side. This is where our research, screening, and rules really shine. We do not agonize over a position once it has shown that it has run its course. We sell when the rules tell us, not when it “feels” right. This is crucial in saving your portfolio from disaster.

Next, we don’t—and won’t—shove you into the same portfolio with everyone else. You are not everyone else and your portfolio and investment management plan shouldn’t be everyone else’s, either. You’re young, older, have small kids, no kids, married, single, very high net worth, just starting out, able to assume a lot of risks, or are the soul of caution. We currently manage many different types of portfolios for our client accounts. The cookie-cutter firms, we’re sure, think we’re crazy. We’re not. We just work harder than they want to.


The last thing is probably the most difficult—because you either have it or you don’t. We have personal ties to you, not just business ones. We’ve planned your kid’s college savings as though they were our own, sat across the table from you over dinner or drinks, swapped flying stories, helped you through divorces, cried over the passing of your animals, and given a great deal of thought as to what we can do to get you to a comfortable retirement.

Chris and I have a shared joy. We call it “The Second Paycheck.” The first paycheck is just what you imagine: the money we bank in payment for our business services to you. The first paycheck pays our mortgages, sends our kids to college, makes our car payments, and puts food on our tables..

Saint Francis Capital

But “The Second Paycheck”… the Second Paycheck gets us up in the morning, makes us excited about the day ahead, has us looking forward to talking to you, provides us with the certain knowledge we make your lives better, and feeds our soul with the spiritual food only available to those who have truly found their calling in their daily work.

We are grateful for the first paycheck you have so generously provided us. We can never thank you enough for our Second Paycheck; that’s the one that truly sustains us.

Kaye Riggs

Saint Francis Capital

Chris Whatley
Chief Strategist

Saint Francis Capital